About Us

We are Marvin and Jinky, a Filipino couple who migrated in Australia in 2014. We may have chosen to reside outside the Philippines for various reasons, however, our heritage still remains intact in our hearts – the Filipino pride!

Our two boys are born here in the amazing country of Australia. Our goal is to ensure that our boys, despite being born and raised in Australia, will grow up and joyfully experience both the Australian and Filipino cultures. Our eldest son speaks both English and Tagalog (and slight Bisaya/Kapampangan/Ilocano soon!) fluently, and both our boys love Sinigang and Adobo!

Food for Filipinos is more than just a physical nourishment. It is a huge part of our culture with every meal treated as a core family and social celebration.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, it was hard to go out and buy essential food and ingredients due to social distancing measures. Even though many are craving for the comfort of Filipino traditional meals, we realised that Filipino groceries has minimal online presence. We also realised that Filo products are not accessible by our time-poor hardworking Filipinos like us.


We created this online store to ensure that Filipino products can be enjoyed by both Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike wherever they are in Australia and whenever they want them. It is our desire to share not only the taste of home but also the joy of preparing Filipino meals to everyone.


This website is our way of getting us closer to this goal. We love to hear from our fellow Filo community, so feel free to share any feedbacks and/or suggestions.

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That is why we want to make certain that everyone in Australia has easy access to them – wherever and whenever they want it, delivered straight to their home.

Our mission is not only for Filipinos to remember the taste of home but to also introduce the Filipino culture to every home in Australia.